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Videoland by Andrew Sturdevant

Videoland by Andrew Sturdevant

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In the vanishingly short period of time video rental stores were a part of the cultural landscape, thousands of mom-and-pop shops codified a surprisingly unified visual identity for their logos: a wonderland of Video Wizards, Huts, Castles, Shacks and Villages, all imbued with an old-timey Hollywood glitz and modern techno-optimsim. Videoland collects over 100 logos from independent video stores during the 1980s and '90s, thematically and chronologically arranged, and assembled primarily from local newspaper advertisements.

About the Author:

Andy Sturdevant is a writer, artist, and designer living in Minneapolis, Minneapolis in the United States. He is the founder, executive director and sole employee of Birchwood Palace Industries, a publisher of artists books, zines and other small-run printed novelties, specializing in niche reference materials for designers, artists and cultural enthusiasts. Andy is also the author or co-author of four full-length nonfiction books, most recently The Outer Periphery: Amateur Spacecraft Designs from the U.S. Patent Office, published in 2024 by 50 Watts Books. He lives in a 100-year-old stucco bungalow in south Minneapolis with his spouse and his son.

Finished Size: USA A5 Portrait (216 x 140mm)

Saddle stitched

40 Pages 



Digital Print throughout + seal

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